Being The Weirdo

News flash: No one cares about you.

I know, sounds harsh.

But the reality is, humans are a lot more selfish then you think.

All to often people tell me in the gym that they are worried everyone will see them.

Worried that someone might judge their form.

Think they're fat.

Laugh if they do something wrong.

Well, guess what?

No one cares.


Ol' Johnny boy in the corner doing his curls, he doesn't care about what you are doing.

He's too busy looking at himself in the mirror.

Karen that's on the treadmill, she's thinking about what she's going to cook for dinner that evening.

Mitchell in the squat rack, he's thinking about how he's going to survive his next set.

Look at it this way, you aren't thinking about what everyone else is doing right now, are you?

You're thinking about yourself and your own feelings.

Now, don't take this harshly.

Obviously the people closest to you truly care about you.

But when you realise the no one else give a sh#t.

It will give you a lot of freedom.

Now you can do what you want, without having to worry about what the next person might be thinking.

Be yourself.

Do what you love.

Be a weirdo like me.

Because at the end of the day, what you think of yourself is all that matters.

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