New year, New Me

Ahh January.

A time to start anew.

New years resolutions and a hope that 2021 will be better then 2020.

Looking at how last year went, I think it is pretty achievable for most people.

But hope is only hope.

If you want to improve any aspect of your life, you must do the work.

Making a lifestyle change doesn't happen over night.

You must persevere until the change you are trying to make becomes a part of who you are.

The reason why most new years resolutions fail is because when things get tough, for example your boss changing your work hours, getting sick, having a break up, a fucking pandemic, people crumble and give up.

And when it comes to any difficult situation, you must do your best to turn lemons into lemonade because if last year was any example, you can not expect everything to go to plan.

If you are reading this right now, I want you to make a commitment to yourself that no matter what happens, you will do your best to turn a negative into a positive and continue to strive for a better life.

Humans are designed to adapt and overcome.

No longer will you be stuck in a cycle of saying you will do better but then eventually falling short.

2021 will be a better year for you.

For anyone that doubts you can achieve these things, understand that just by having the intention of trying to do better, you are already doing more then 90% of people that know they need to make a change but don't do anything about it.

And if you are one of those people that trash on ''new years resolutioners" and think it's a joke, kindly go fuck yourself.

That will only offend you if you are the person I'm talking about. :)

I know 2020 was a pretty tough year for everyone.

What we need now more then ever is to support the people around us and work together for a better outcome.

If any of your friends or family are trying to achieve a new goal, don't be one of those people that say things like, "Just stay home with me, one day off won't hurt."'

Most of the time supporting someone means to keep them accountable.

If they are being lazy, pull them up on it!

I would hate to have a friend or anyone that doesn't push me to be better.

And by trying to do better yourself, don't underestimate the effect that can have on the people around you.

Since moving back to Mackay and working again at the gym, all of my family members have joined and have started improving their health and fitness.

Not because I told them to.

But because they seen what was possible and made the decision on their own.

It is true that if you do want to make any change in the world you should always start with yourself.

I really hope that you achieve everything you want to achieve in 2020.

Like I wrote, stay persistent and make that commitment to yourself.

If your goal is to improve your health and fitness this year and need some extra help, go through the "Train with me" page on my website or send me an email or message directly.

Happy New year!

Let's get after it.

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