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For the last 5 or more years, social media has turned into a big part of pretty much everyone's life. No one goes a day without going onto their phone and seeing what's happening in the online world. Now this isn't necessarily a bad thing, it allows us to keep more connected then ever to our family and friends which is especially important in times like today. The bad side of social media which I know 100% of you have seen, is the fake,

filter filled, over exaggerated world of social media influencers and celebrities. In the fitness industry this is an especially prominent issue. You'll see a lot of these so called bodybuilder athletes posting pictures with their shirts off, showing every angle of their butt and portraying a body that can be achieved by just "hard work and a good diet." Most of the time, that's not the whole story about how they get and keep their amazing physiques. PED's (Performance enhancing drugs) are usually in the equation, but they don't tell you that. Moreover, most people you see that have outer worldly bodies have 1 out of a million genetics. This creates a false sense of what's possible for someone that has average genetics starting out on their health and fitness journey. This is a problem for a number of reasons, that I will be laying out for you in this article and as well giving you the right expectations of what can actually be achieved naturally.

Expecting to look like a shredded Greek god in one year of training can have a very negative effect. Initially, it might spur a great amount of motivation to begin. Anyone that thinks they can have the body of their dreams in only one year of training is sure to start. Although this motivation will become fleeting, once they realise that health/fitness and training is not something you can just do for a short amount of time and expect to see amazing results. It takes years and years of dedication with your diet and training to achieve what would be considered an above average body. Understanding this is vital to long term success because if you don't, you might just give up too early because after a year when you don't look like your favourite Instagram fitness model you may end up feeling disappointed.

Perhaps one of the biggest issues when it comes to fitness influences lying about how they got their physiques is in the bullshit supplement/products and sponsors that they claim give them their results.

"Buy my fat burners and protein shake and one day you can look like me."

"Do my 6 week Keto Challenge and lose 20kgs."

Such things scam people out of their money and it can be hard these days in the world of endless information to know what is actually true or false. Put simply, if it sounds to good to be true - it probably is. It's important to educate yourself about health and fitness and ensure to follow fitness influencers that expose the bullshit. My two favourites are Diren Kartal and James Smith (plus myself.) When it comes to people selling supplement, understand that they make less then 5% of a difference when it come to your results. Unless obviously you are on the juice in which most fitness influencers are (But they won't tell you that so they can sell you these supplements.)

So what is really possible for someone that is a beginner starting off on their health and fitness journey? This does mainly come down to genetics and no two people are going to get the same results. One individual might start of with a skinny, tall body type and might find it difficult to gain weight and muscle, on the other hand an individual might start off over weight and need to lose bodyfat. It really does depend on ones genetics. In your first year of lifting is when you will see the most gains. Every year after that it does start to slow down the more advanced you get, this is all depending on as well that you are training and eating correctly.

You can definitely build a great body naturally, you just need to understand that is is a long, long process. Saying that though, health and fitness isn't only about looking good. Its about your health, your strength, your flexibility, reducing your risk of injury, improving your mental health and many many more. On social media, no one really talks about these things and they are perhaps even more important to focus on.

The biggest thing I think every one needs to stop doing when it comes to social media is comparing themselves to other people and this is what it really boils down too. Beating yourself up for not looking like these mostly fake influences. Comparing your body to someone that is on steroids without knowing. Buying their shitty products with the belief that it will help you look like them. Comparison is the thief of joy. Understand, that everybody is different and unique. As cliched as it sound, that only person you should be comparing yourself to is the person you were yesterday. Trying to be a better self every single day.

It can be hard to try and navigate through the social media of fitness, just make sure you are looking at it with a critical eye and don't believe everything that you see. Most people are trying to portray themselves as perfect, which is never the case and when it come to health and fitness, it is truly a personal, life long journey

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Brodie Wilson

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