Weekend Fun

Friday is finally here!

You made it through another week.

Hopefully, you had a successful 5 days.

If you did not, that is okay.

Next week is just around the corner, start thinking now about what you could improve upon.

Anyways, it is the weekend.

The boys/girls are probably hitting up your phone asking you to go out for some drinks or dinner.

If your goal is to lose body fat, obviously binge eating/drinking is not ideal.

So, what do we do, decline their offer and stay home?

Yes, that is an option, but life is all about having fun.

That begs the question then, how did we have fun AND stick to our goals at the same time?

Hopefully, you are tracking your calories, that is #1.

This is the beauty of calorie tracking.

James Smith puts it this way.

Think of your calories as a budget, like you would money.

Say you have 2000 calories to spend each day.

If you know you are going out on a Saturday night, plan to have a little less for breakfast and lunch so that you have the extra calories to spend at the end of the day.

The second way we can ensure not to do too much damage on a Saturday night is choose low calorie drinks.

Having Gin and Vodka are your lowest calories options at around 100 calories each per shot.

When mixing these drinks, try to have them with just soda water with either a lemon or lime.

You can also choose to mix these drinks with no sugar or diet soft drinks as most of these will be very low calories.

Make sure to drink plenty of water as well so that you are not drinking too much alcohol and stay hydrated.

You will thank yourself the next day when your hangover is not as bad.

Thirdly which is the one I least recommend as it is the least efficient, but that is do some

cardio on the day you go out to burn some extra calories.

Do all three of these and you will be able to get your cake and eat it too.

Remember, health and fitness is a lifestyle.

If we do not enjoy ourselves every now and then, you will eventually burn out.

It is okay to treat yourself.

It is okay to have fun.

Just be smart about it.

Now, have a great weekend!

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