What cardio BURNS fat FAST

Choosing what's the best cardio to do can be a confusing task.

With so many options from long bouts of running to 10min HIIT sessions, it can be hard to know where to start and what's the best if you are a beginner to health and fitness.

In this article I will be laying out for you what's the best cardio to perform and how often you should do it depending on your goals.

Disclaimer: Cardio does not burn fat. A calorie deficit does.

You may have read something similar to my title before but don't be fooled.

If you want to lose body fat, you must be eating less calories then what your body is burning.

No matter how much cardio you do, you can not outwork a bad diet.

So starting off, what is the best cardio?

Simply put, whatever you enjoy the most and whatever suits your time and lifestyle.

That it.

All the time I hear people say that they hate doing cardio.

Then I ask them what cardio are they doing and the usual response is running.

If you hate running, don't fucking do it!

Unless you are training to be a marathon runner, there is no need for you be running.

You should always do cardio that you enjoy.

If you enjoy it, you are more likely to be consistent, train for longer period's at a time and push yourself harder.

There is no point for you to be running if you are going to do it at a half assed pace for 20min when you could be riding a bike for 60min, at a high intensity which would burn more calories.

Now let's say that you work 50 hours a week, have kids to look after and really struggle to find time.

Then I'd say to you, maybe HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) would be better for you.

HIIT allows you to burn a high amount of calories in a short amount of time, ONLY if you do it correctly.

All the time I see people doing so called HIIT sessions where they don't actually give 100% effort each working interval and rest for no reason.

HIIT should be HARD.

Say you are doing TABATA for example, 20 second of work followed by 10 seconds of rest.

On your 20 seconds of work, you need to be going balls to the wall hard to earn that 10 seconds rest.

If you train like a wimp for 20 seconds, then rest and do 10min of that, you might as well just run for 10 min and burn more calories.

There are many ways we can do cardio and if your goal is to lose body fat, it is definitely something you should be doing not only to burn more calories during the day but to improve your cardiovascular/overall health.

I recommend doing cardio 2 to 3 times a week depending on how much time you have.

Something to remember as well, cardio doesn't always mean you need to be in the gym.

Go play some footy with your kids in the yard.

Take your dog for a run.

Go swimming at the beach.

Moving your body is the most important thing.

Say though that your goal is mainly to put on lean muscle mass, then cardio may not be as important for you as burning calories and losing bodyfat isn't your main goal.

I believe though that it is still important to do cardio at least once a week to maintain your cardiovascular health, as long as it's not impacting your strength performance.

Meaning you don't want to have sore legs from running 5kms the day before when you are about to train legs.

Overall, cardio is something that should be apart of everyone training program.

Keep it simple and keep it enjoyable.

Burn those calories and lets get ripped together.

If you want to take the guess work out of your training and get a tailored approach with me me as your personal trainer, go to the "Train With Me'' tab on my website, sign up and use the code "BRODIEPT" to get your first week free.

Thanks for reading!

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